Artists turn the “water” tables to unveil an above ground Subterranean Museum offering a mystical journey into the forgotten histories that lie beneath the New Orleans soil.
Nina Nichols, Dana Sherwood, and Tessa Farmer have been awarded a grant by the Black Rock Arts Foundation (BRAF) to support Lafcadio’s Revenge. Their project is a local project bringing together mystical local history, secrets of the soil and community participation – interwoven in a fantasy world that promises to provide an interactive journey for the mind and a feast for the senses.
Nina and Dana Sherwood have been working with local artists, The Community Garden’s project, and school groups on an important undertaking that will bring together many different groups within and outside of the city, and it will serve a much needed, ongoing, positive and educational function for the city and its residents.   In addition to creating a large new sculpture, they will be collaborating with the New Orleans Food and Farm Network to create five, permanent community gardens throughout the city, which will serve a very important function in a place with very limited resources for fresh food.  Theirs is a project which and embraces local history through the stories of Lafcadio Hearn - New Orleans ethnographer and inventor of the city's mysterious history, which he achieved through his many writings, such as “NEW ORLEANS SUPERSTITIONS” and “GOMBO ZHEBES.” Inside the 8’X12’ vessel, which is constructed from salvaged wood and irons of varying colors, there is a feeling of being submerged beneath the soil through works by Tessa Farmer, a fiber artist who creates tiny, almost microscopic worlds using swamp fiber and everyday objects in varying states of decay and growth. Through Lafcadio's Revenge, Nichols, Sherwood and Farmer put excavated objects in conversation with fantasy and local legend, telling stories of the city through the reanimation of forgotten relics.
Special thanks to: Case Miller, Amy Jenkins, Alison Nickles, Jade Brandt, Lisa Ravenholt, J Simon, Robert Marbury, Chen, S.B., David Brooks, Susan Smits, Nancy Keystone, Kim Herbert, Chad Layton, Addy Hart, Corinne Luperfido, Pam Longobardi, Pandora Gastelum, Tom, James Earle McCracken, Alita, Neal Anderson, Ethel Sherwood, Jenny Straus, Kara Oehler, Kristen Evans, Roberta Pottorff, Annie Kochersburger, Edmund, Kit and Nostrat Nostratian.



community garden


Case Miller, construction


the crew, Nina Nichols, Tessa Farmer, Jana Weaver, Dana Sherwood


Tessa Farmer, tiny webbed deamons.





Dana Sherwood, theatrical maquettes