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What Is Hair Serum And How Is It Different Than Any Hair Oil?

What Is Hair Serum And How Is It Different Than Any Hair Oil?

Our hair can get very frizzy and dry if we keep them open and never care for them. That is when we come across the products that we use for hair care. And when it comes to hair care, hair serum and hair oil are two things that hold all the popularity. But with the popularity, there come queries about the difference between a hair serum and oil.

What is a hair serum?

This hair product is a silicone based formula. It coats the hair’s surface, and it locks the natural pattern of the hair as they are and seal all the cuticles of the hair. This product is for keeping the bad impact of brushing hair or using heat or pollution or many other things.

We use a hair serum after we come out of the shower. Just take some drops of the product in the palm of the hands and then apply them to the hair’s mid-length and tips. It will make it easier to keep the hair tangle-free and smooth too.

hair serumHow is it different from oil?

As we all know,  hair oils are not some formulations of other products. We have been using oil since we were young and not all of us like to go out with oil on our hair. The reason is, it can make the hair look sticky. That is why when it comes to hair serum vs oil, many girls prefer using a serum when they want to keep their hair open.

Both of these products are very important to keep up with the hair’s health, and we can’t keep our hair untouched from any of them. But it is all about when to use and how to use both of these products to give the care to hair that we want to.


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