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Things To Know About Permanent Hair Straightening!

Things To Know About Permanent Hair Straightening!

Having hair that is lusciously long and smooth to touch is something that many girls wish for. And those who have curly hair that is frizzy and hard to touch are always looking for ways to make it better for them. That is why the permanent straightening came into the salon lives of many women, and many of them love it! But the thing is, not many are aware of the pros & cons of permanent hair straightening. That is why we are here for you!

So here we are, and we have got the risks of permanent hair straightening!

  1. Re-growth is like hell: Many people think it is so easy to see the hair’s growth once they have done the permanent treatment. The treatment is only permanent for the hair that was treated by the chemicals. The new growth of the hair is going to be the way the hair has already been. If someone had such curly hair, they would not like the new hair at all.
  2. It is not sleek, and it can also fry the hair: When we normally use a flat iron, we see that it comes with different heat settings. Those are the ones that we use in domestic houses. But the appliances that these salons use are the ones that can be a lot more heated up and can take out all the oil and natural moisture of the hair. So yes, they can fry the hair. And no matter what! The hair won’t ever be as sleek or straight for the curly heads.
  3. straight for the curly headsThe aftercare can break the bank: To keep up with the hair’s condition, the salons can advise the hair care that does not come in cheap. So yes, that can hurt the pocket of a normal person. The shampoos and conditioners that we buy in the supermarket or the drugstores are not as good for the chemicals used on the hair. And that is why there is a need for professional products.
  4. Not every salon is the same: The salons that give the different types of offers in the treatment might not want all your money. But is it easy to trust them with your HAIR? No, it is not, so if someone is adamant about getting the treatment, they have to do a lot of research for that!

At last, there sure are a lot of pros, but the cons are never leaving too. So think about these risks before getting the treatment always!


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