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Sleeping With Your Hair Tied In A Ponytail? Here Are Some Things That You Should Definitely Know!

Sleeping With Your Hair Tied In A Ponytail? Here Are Some Things That You Should Definitely Know!

There are many tips and tricks that we look for in the hair care routine. Some of the tips are from our mothers, and some are the ones that we read online. But there are many questions like if we should wear a ponytail to sleep or not? We are here to answer all the questions and if it is good to keep hair open or in a ponytail at night.

 Should you sleep with a ponytail?

Okay, so the answer to this is NO. It is not good to sleep with a ponytail because there are many disadvantages. Here are the two biggest disadvantages,

  • Hair loss: Do we love hair fall or loss? No, no one does, and no one wants to go through the stress of losing hair too. We often don’t get the reason, and when we open the pony, there is a lot of hair stuck on the rubber bands. That happens due to friction and others because it is so tight. Tight braids can also lead to the same thing, and they can make our scalp lose a lot of hair that gives us a lot of stress.
  • Breakage: Hair loss is a different thing, and breakage is another type of depression. So if you are sleeping with a tight ponytail at night, then it is in the risky hands of getting many breakages. There is a lot of friction while we sleep because, admit it, no one sleeps in the same position throughout the night. So this can lead to a lot of frizz in the hair, and breakage will make the hair look dry from the ends and cause split ends.

ponytail at nightThese are the two things that we can suffer the most if we wear a ponytail to sleep. Not everyone can sleep peacefully with open hair at night, and we know that. So what we can do is that we can sleep with a loose ponytail instead of a tighter one.

Sleeping with a loose ponytail or using a scrunchie rather than a rubber band will keep the hair healthy, and they won’t be prone to breakage too. People also put their hair in a bun up high on their heads while sleeping. That can be a lot of help too because that won’t be uncomfortable and will help keep the health of hair intact too.


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