May 1st, 2015, Beyond the Womb Veil: A forum on early female healthcare

The Cachet Arts and Culture Program at the New Orleans Pharmacy Museum announces an evening of art and presentations.

This event is free and open to the public. Light hors d’oeuvres will be provided and warm drinks by donation. For questions, please send text or email to Owen Ever, subject "Cachet":
Phone: 765.404.5166

The Cachet Art and Culture Program - a collaboration of the Black Forest Fancies (BFF) and the New Orleans Pharmacy Museum (NOPM) - is pleased to announce the launch of a project that investigates the historic and contemporary status of female healthcare in Louisiana. The introductory event will take place on Monday the 24th, from 6-8pm, at the NOPM - 514 Chartres Street in the French Quarter. The evening includes an art opening reception for local printmaker and teaching artist Rachel Speck, who will be exhibiting new print works that examine the aesthetics and ingredients of 19th century patent medicines recommended for the ailments of women. Her work will continue to be on display through the new year during regular museum hours.
A series of brief presentations, followed by a Q&A, will serve as the beginning of continued discussions related to female healthcare - including the topics of early contraception, midwifery, herbal medicine, and the intersection of archeology and feminism.

Beyond the Womb Veil presenters include:

Katherine Paxton, Certified Nurse Midwife, discussing the French colonial sage-femme (midwife) Marie Grissot and early Louisiana midwifery practices.

Elizabeth Saleen, The Greater New Orleans Archaeology Program, discussing the role archaeology can play in uncovering marginalized histories as evidenced through an excavation project of Storyville.

Representative of Maypop Community Herb Shop, discussing the continued relevance of herbalism in female healthcare and it's role in social and reproductive justice.

The Cachet Art and Culture Program is a new program intended for fostering artistic research at the NOPM. It aims to strengthen the intersections of culture, health and healing, and to provide a space for exchange and interaction between individuals, the community and the institution. The Cachet program intends to blend past and present, fact and fantasy, medicine and magic to concoct new understandings of history, health and the collective spirit. For more information visit

The Black Forest Ensemble is a non-profit organization and an installation,large scale carnival and parade arts, puppet and musical theater collective. Our work explores history and human interaction through the lens of allegory and carnival. As a non- profit, the organization serves to enhance the local arts community of New Orleans and enrich this community through the creation of residencies and collaborations abroad.

The New Orleans Pharmacy Museum's mission is to further interest in the history of pharmacology and promote it's further development for the benefit of the general public. The museum is housed in the site of the apothecary operated by America's first licensed pharmacist.

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